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I highly recommend starting with Rachael for anyone who wants to get stronger, lose weight and get comfortable in the gym. In the first 16 weeks, I lost 8kg and completely exceeded what I thought was possible when I first started training with her. 


I have lost 12kg, from a size 14 to a size 8. I feel amazing, but more importantly, my mindset and motivation have improved so much. My lifestyle choices have changed significantly for the better. I have learned much about nutrition and changed many bad habits with her help. Nothing I could do could ever repay her for how much of an impact she has had on me.


I started my online program with Rachael hating my body and the weight I had gained during COVID-19, but to my surprise, in the first 16 weeks since I started my program and had lost 10kg. I stopped working with Rachael when I had to go out to sea as I am in the navy, but I continued my journey of what she had taught me, and a year later, I am now 17kg down with no weight gain rebound!

Confidence is Queen

Boost your confidence with my training, nutrition and mindset tips. Proven to help women worldwide feel more confident in themselves, in the gym and making better choices for health.